What We Can Do

Our large footprint and flexible equipment allow us to make the full range of bakery products to meet your needs. We are constantly upgrading our equipment and facility to provide the latest production capabilities. In addition to the assets listed below, we have the ability to do a wide range of products on other equipment. If you don’t see something listed, reach out as it still may be something we offer, or are in the process of adding.

Our Capabilities

We are excited to share a wide range of advanced bakery capabilities from fully automated to hand crafted products. Below are some of the interesting things we can do for you.


Automatic Sheeting Line

Cutting edge Fritsch Sheeting Line with multiple modules including depositors, a stamper, coiling unit, and panning system.


Automated Pretzel Line

German made automated pretzel line with inline proofer. The line has dual robotic twisters capable of producing a wide range of twists, rings, knots, and traditional pretzel shapes.


High Capacity Automated Donut Line

Donut line with automatic stamper capable of producing various yeast-raised donut shapes. The highest quality donuts and fritters are produced with this line capable of running over 5,000 products per hour. An automatic glazing station creates an incredibly consistent finish. Cake donuts and donut hole capability as well.

Rack Ovens

Various rack oven styles and manufacturers capable of producing breads, pastries, cookies, and cakes. Steam available.


Multiple proofers are available for tailored temperature and humidity needs.


Various mixers of all shapes and sizes are available including Horizontal, Spiral, and Planetary systems.


Several style of depositors are available including vacuum robots and automatic cookie machines.

Additional Equipment

Freezers, Refrigeration, Labeling, Shrink, Wrapping, Case Packing/Sealing

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